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What we are about

Cooking like a BOSS!

We are about simple, craveable, fresh food. Nothing over complicated but still special. It's special because we make it with care and thought everyday. We are never going to serve you something we aren't proud of or wouldn't serve our own family. 

The star of this show is of course the BISCUITS! Made by hand and served warm. You will find them all over our menu along with other thoughtfully crafted menu items to capture the season; or to capture that made with love taste you can't get anywhere else.

Cooking like a BOSS means not hiding behind overly complicated dishes or ingredients. We know who we are and we own it with small special touches and careful execution to create delicious results that will bring you back for visits time and again.

We are here to help you kick those other brunch choices to the curb and show you what its supposed to taste like.

You deserve to BRUNCH LIKE A BOSS!


Who is THE Biscuit Boss?

A Normal woman who decided to turn her obstacles into fuel to achieve her dreams.

Well who in the world is THE Biscuit Boss? It's me! My name is Casey; Casey Jo as many of my closest friends and family know me. I'm a mom of 2, and married to my perfect guy. Without him I may not have decided to start this crazy adventure to bring you all some seriously delicious biscuits. Thanks Mark!

Like Many people I lost my job at the beginning of the pandemic. I was crushed; because for me it wasn't just a job. It was a career. One that I fought hard for and pushed myself for, and one I thought I would have for a long time. Turns out that no matter what I thought, things were going to change. After taking time to process this shock I realized that spending 11 or so years working for corporate restaurants my soul needed something else. I needed to find my spark again.

I have always been entrepreneurial, which is why I ended up at the front counter for the 4-H ice-cream or bake sale. I'm  outspoken (thanks mom), tenacious, and relentless. These qualities have always kept me hungry to learn and to fight for my spot in the world. I was taught that in life you have to work hard for what you want. I saw my parents and grandparents display dedication and hard work to support their family and to put food on the table. It was around that table I realized how powerful food and having a meal with the people you care about can be.


I have a lot of pride and respect for the fact that I didn't have everything handed to me. If I had, I probably wouldn't be on this journey starting my own business. I certainly wouldn't have gotten back up so many times after life has punched me in the face. Giving up isn't in my DNA

I did go to culinary school, however I wouldn't consider myself a fancy chef by any means. I'm a chef that cooks for the company and to see the smile on peoples faces when they eat something they really needed, like deep down needed! Especially if they didn't realize how much they needed it. Adding small special touches to my dishes creates food that people crave and remember.

Life can be hard, and people will judge us, but I decided to become a BOSS and do what I love and not give a damn what someone has to say about it anymore. I suggest you do the same! Around my table you are bound to have a TON of laughs, and to feel welcome exactly as you are. The weirder the better!

Come join me around my table, I am the BOSS after all!

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